What is the BEST way to brush your dog?


Even though you brush your dog you may still find mattes (knots in the fur) during grooming.   The problem may be the type of brush you are using. As dog groomers we use an arsenal of brush’s to brush out your dog’s coat.  We know what to use, find out below.






Different dog breeds have very different coats from the thick dense coat of a Malamute, to the long thick coat of a Bernese Mt. Dog, to the varying coats of the Doodles (long, flowing, dense and curly). Different type coats require brushing with very different type brushes, matching your dog’s coat with the proper brush will not only give you better results but decrease brushing time.


There are several different brushes we use as dog groomers; de-matting rakes, slicker brushes, and de-shedding tools. De-matting rakes are the best tool to remove the dense under coat of breeds such as Australian Shepherd’s, Malamutes, Bernese Mt. Dogs.slicker brush


Slicker brush’s work well on those dogs once the dense undercoat has been removed to maintain between heavy shedding times. The slicker brush also works well with the thin flowing coats of Golden Retrievers or the wirey coats of German Long Hair Pointers.


De-shedding tools such as the Furminator work excellent on the smooth coats of Labradors, Boxers and Swiss Mt. Dogs.

Ultimately, the BEST way to brush your dog is to let the professionals do it!!  Any of your DogJax groomers will be happy to help you find the right brush for you and your dog, so you both get the most out of your brush!


Lana Hash


DogJax Groomer