Day Play

Day Play is ideal for any dog owner who wants their dog to have fun, get plenty of exercise and socialize all day long.  It is great for puppies learning group dynamic of a pack or any dog who loves to play. We understand that you can’t be with your dog all the time, but if you could it would be this much fun!


Going out of town for a night, weekend or month?  Let your four legged pal come and play with us while you are away.  We will care for your pet and make sure they are getting the love and attention they would at home.


Is your pup in need of better manners? Or possibly a refresher course on how to walk on a leash? Use our expertise on obedience, tricks, hunting, agility and interactive games to enhance your relationship with your best friend.  Training classes are a great way to not only socialize your dog, but to continue their education on how to be a well behaved pooch!


The latest addition to DogJax is grooming! We are proud to offer  Baths and De shed to our bag of tricks. Let us take the mess and fuss out of cleaning up your dog. Pricing is based on size of dog and length of hair. Big or small we Clean them all.

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