Day Play

Day Play is ideal for any dog owner who wants their dog to have fun, get plenty of exercise and socialize all day long. It is great for puppies learning group dynamic of a pack or any dog who loves to play. We understand that you can’t be with your dog all the time, but if you could it would be this much fun!

We encourage dogs be dogs – and socialize all day long. We define Open Play as ‘a play area for dogs to openly socialize while being supervised’. Picture a swimming pool full of kids playing with a lifeguard on duty! The dogs get to romp and play while a trained Dog Handler makes sure they are safe and following the rules.

Each day we create Open Play Groups for the dogs, based on energy level and compatibility. Size, history, injuries and age also play a role in the process. These groups are then supervised by our Dog Handlers who discourage bad manners and encourage playful behavior.

In our 4,000 square foot indoor space we offer four main play yards, all visible from our welcome area. This allows us to create four unique play groups daily and hourly if need be. Outdoors we offer three play yards with fresh water, room to sniff, go potty and ample room to run.


Going out of town for a night, weekend or month? Let your four legged pal come and play with us while you are away. We will care for your pet and make sure they are getting the love and attention they would at home.

All overnight guests receive the same great Open Play experience as our Day Play guests. After playing the day away, your pup will be eager to enjoy their own private and spacious area to eat and sleep.

Please bring your own food and tell us how much to feed your pup – from canned to kibble. We will be happy to feed them food from your home. We can also administer supplements, vitamins and medications if special needs are there.


You LOVE your dog and it’s worth It!!

Below is our pricing and a list of several packages available. Please contact us for the most up to date pricing based on your specific needs.

Day Play
$35/Full Day .  $25/Half Day (4 hrs or less)

Day care Punch Cards

10 Day Punch Card  $300

 Dog Boarding

(Over Night boarding under 24 hr will be charged $48

*(If more than 24 hr boarding is charged by the hour from when you check in until you check out)

Boarding Punch Cards 

10 Day Punch Card  $400 ($1.66/hr)

(**All Punch Cards Expire in 365 days from the date of purchase**)

(**All Punch Cards are Non-Refundable**)

Request a Reservation


307.733.DOGS (3647)


Monday-Saturday 7 am-7 pm
Sunday- CLOSED (Open for boarding pick up and drop off only from 9 am to 11 am and  4 pm to 6 pm)

Helpful Hints

Plan Ahead
As soon as you know your travel plans, contact us and make a reservation for your dog.

Make sure all immunizations are current and bring a copy of your dogs shot records. If you do not have a copy, your veterinarian can fax us a copy to keep on file for you. Our fax number is 307.200.0509.  We require all dogs to have the following vaccines; Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Parvo and Rabies.

What about the other bugs?
Our facility is much like a child’s daycare where bugs can circulate. Given this fact, we rarely see lice, fleas or ticks. These can be transmitted easily in dog parks, neighborhoods, walks in the woods and more. Please check your dog prior to drop off to ensure all other dogs are safe from these parasites. If you notice your dog itching, coughing, acting sick/ lethargic or has had vomiting or diarrhea please check with your veterinarian before drop off. On our side of the fence, we take measures daily to keep these bugs at bay. Through pet safe products, we sanitize and disinfect the play yards, sleeping pens, play equipment and toys daily.

At Drop Off
Stay calm – this helps your dog stay calm and not get overly excited or anxious. Give lots of love at home and when you visit us walk in the door like you have been there 100 times to show your pet confidence in your choice to let us care for them.

Handler Escort
One of our friendly and skilled Dog Handlers will escort your dog to the play yard and to the sleeping pens. This allows your dog to build trust and confidence with our ability to ensure their safety and fun.

Baby Steps
If possible, drop your dog for a play day before leaving for long periods of time. This lets your dog know you will be coming back for them and they aren’t to worry.

We need your number.
Complete all require paperwork letting us know how to reach you, your emergency contact and even veterinarian while you are away. This can be completed electronically before you arrive to speed up the check in process. See the link in the footer section of this site.

Homecoming Hints
When you arrive home your dog may be overly excited to be there and receive your love. Of course, they missed you and are thrilled you are back. Play with your pup in the yard, use his toys or rub them in all his favorite spots. Once your dog is settled down and in a normal calm state then you can think about giving them food or water. Excited dogs tend to eat or drink quickly and this may result in an upset stomach. We don’t want you to have to clean up a mess right when you walk in the door!

Vacation Lag
Your dog will most likely be a little tired upon returning home. This is to be expected! There is a great deal of play and stimulation at DogJax where we strive to challenge your dog mentally and physically so they are fulfilled on a daily basis. This wears them out and it may take a few days for them to rebound upon your return. Of course, if you have any questions about your dog’s behavior, please give us a call.