Office Manager Job Description

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Respecting On-Leash Dogs: It’s our community responsibility.

A02JAA Man walking dog


Here in the Hole we have the privilege of being allowed to have dogs off-leash on our favorite trails. Along with this privilege comes the responsibility to make sure our dogs will come when called, pull over for horses or vehicles, stay when we need them to, and not harass wildlife. The other onus we have as dog owners is to respect the other people and dogs enjoying the same trails.

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Front Desk Staff/Customer Service Rep. Job Description

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dog eating apple

These 10 dog-approved “people foods” your dog can eat provide variety and a nutritional boost!

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Preventing Mattes in Your Dog’s Coat


Mats are most common in dogs with thick or curly coats, but can happen to any dog with longer hair if it isn’t groomed or properly brushed on a regular basis. Believe it or not, hair matting isn’t just about your dog’s cosmetics. Depending on its location, matted hair can be very painful and even dangerous for your dog.

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DogJax Employee Guidelines:

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