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How to Avoid the Top Training Mistakes: Part 1

Part 1:  How to Choose the Right Trainer Finding a dog trainer you trust can be a tricky path to navigate. The following information and questions can help you find a trainer you’re comfortable with.

Get Ready…….Get Set……….Spring Break!!

  Here we go!!! Who wants sunny weather? Our customers do! And we want the opportunity to care for your dog while you are away. We love dogs and we love caring for them, our staff wants you to go on that much needed vacation and feel comfortable leaving your dog in a Clean, Safe and Fun […]

What is the BEST way to brush your dog?

Even though you brush your dog you may still find mattes (knots in the fur) during grooming.   The problem may be the type of brush you are using. As dog groomers we use an arsenal of brush’s to brush out your dog’s coat.  We know what to use, find out below.          

Should you intentionally expose your dog to bacteria and viruses?

Exposing your dog to bacteria and viruses proves to be a way to ensure the overall health of your dog.  Dogs who have strong immune systems are more likely to avoid health issues later in life.  Repeated exposure to bacteria and viruses bolster a strong immune system and could save you money in future vet […]

To Drive or Not To Drive

A Note from the General Manager, Thomas Mikkelsen   We love working with dogs and owners to improve the overall mental, physical and social health of your dog. We offer many different services that help us achieve the goal of having a happy, healthy, socialized and well-mannered dog.

If your kids are sick do you blame the school?

Our goal is to make sure that your dog is as safe and healthy with us as they are with you. We work very hard to minimize risks of illness or injury to your dog while they stay with us; however injuries and illness still occur. We are very concerned about the health and welfare […]