Respecting On-Leash Dogs: It’s our community responsibility.

Respecting On-Leash Dogs: It’s our community responsibility.

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Here in the Hole we have the privilege of being allowed to have dogs off-leash on our favorite trails. Along with this privilege comes the responsibility to make sure our dogs will come when called, pull over for horses or vehicles, stay when we need them to, and not harass wildlife. The other onus we have as dog owners is to respect the other people and dogs enjoying the same trails.

Many dogs in this valley are walked/hiked/biked on leash. There are several reasons for this: they may be recovering from an injury, they may not have a strong recall, or they may not be great around wildlife. Two other very common reasons are that the dog may not get along with other dogs, or they may be nervous around unfamiliar people.

It can also be dangerous to let on-leash and off-leash dogs meet and greet. The mixing of on-leash and off-leash dogs can increase tensions in both ourselves and our canines. These tensions can lead to dog squabbles, dog fights, long-lasting fear, aggression and/or injury.

This is why is of the utmost importance to respect those dogs that are on leash. Ask the owner if your dogs can meet before allowing your dog to approach. Same goes for you! Ask before you pet. If you see a dog on-leash, call your dog to your side. If they will not stick with you as you pass the other on-leash dog then please put them on a leash. It’s our community responsibility.

Eva Perrigo, CTC

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  1. Hanna says:

    Thank you for your blog on leashes. I acted inappropriately yesterday after my dog snapped at a dog on a leash on snowking. I instantly got defensive when she assumed I had no control over my dogs. It was as much a surprise to me as it was her. I wish I would have just said I’m sorry and moved on. It has eaten at me since. I got protective because my dog is just as important as hers and I thought it was a pretty quick snap to judgment. In hind site I again wish I would have just apologized. My point is is there a way to respond to your blog so that if she is reading it too I can apologize. Thanks for the great article.

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