Bites, Scrapes, Scratches and Cuts

We make every effort to separate dogs that do not get along. Please be aware of the following.

It may not be known that dogs do not get along until after an altercation.


If there is an altercation:


  • Dogs will be kept separate from each other
  • We will notify both owners of the dogs if there is an incident and allow the owners to determine course of action.
  • If there is an injury to either dog we will notify owners to determine course of action.


Sometimes dogs injure one another during Normal Play.


  • As the dogs play with each other using their mouths, they sometimes will causes scratches, cuts, bite marks, etc
  • Very rough play is discouraged by our staff and dogs will be put in separate areas


We love that dogs have the social freedom to play, run, and exercise in our OPEN PLAY facility at DOGJAX. We want your dog to have the best time when they come here so they will love it when you bring them back!