The mission of Rocky Mountain Retriever Rescue (RMRR) is to provide a home and rehabilitation to Retrievers in the Rocky Mountain Region who’s living situation changes or their behavior affects their home life. We are a resource for Retrievers and their owners when the pairing is no longer mutually beneficial.


Established in 2008 when a spirited Athena, Labrador and Catahoula mix, needed a new home when her family moved to New York City.  In the past 6 years Athena, Isabel, Harvey, Sadie and Simpson have all learned new skills, forgotten old behaviors and gained the confidence they need to be family dogs.  Each of these pets have found forever homes through our networking.


We typically foster RMRR dogs for 6 months to a year and in that time provide food, supplements, vet check ups, vaccinations and specialized medical attention.  To help cover these costs we ask families for a donation when they surrender and/or adopt a dog.  In most cases we provide specialized dietary needs and also intensive behavior training.  We want these dogs to have a fresh start in life and do everything we can to help them live happy and healthy lives.

Contact us today to meet our latest RMRR dog that needs a forever home.