New Dogs, New Tricks

New Dogs, New Tricks

Do you have a new puppy? Does your current dog need a refresher? Do you want your old dog to learn new tricks or better manners on the trails?


Hi, I’m Eva Perrigo, a Professional Dog Trainer here at DogJax. I have been with DogJax for a few months and am enjoying my role as a trainer to our community’s canines. I would love the opportunity to train you and your dog, help show you how incredibly smart our furry friends are, and help you to see all that they can be. Contact DogJax today for a Free Training Consult. (307)-733-DOGS.


Benji Was His Name-oh!!

Grooming takes creativity and patience.  Benji was one of my first large dog grooms at DogJax. He is a large Saint Bernard, about 140 lbs.  Benji had not been groomed as a puppy and he was a little nervous and anxious about the experience.  He was difficult to bathe, brush and clip.  He was fidgety, constantly moving and panting and did not enjoy the experience.  I knew that with time and socialization to grooming, Benji would be more calm, and happy about being groomed.


This is where patience, persistence and care pays off!


UPDATE: Well it is a year later.  Benji has been groomed about 6 times.  He now lights up when he sees me and all of our handlers.  He is still anxious, but I was actually able to complete a groom on him this last appointment without any of the old issues.  We got him into the tub and he was not nervous.  He got a haircut and mats taken out.  He never looked better when he left this most recent time.  I took him for a walk to help calm him down and he was happy and tail wagging.  What an improvement in Benji!  We have stuck to it, gotten to know him and his “quirks”. And now it is really becoming enjoyable to work with him.  I believe patience, persistence and care for the dogs can change their grooming experience….I have seen it happen right in front of my eyes!


Deborah Woodward
Dogjax Groomer


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