Is your dog good with kids?

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Now that it’s June and kids are out of school there will be a lot more dog/child interactions. Parks, trails, backyard BBQ’s and more will all provide an opportunity for our dogs to greet kids and our kids to greet dogs. To help these interactions go smoothly so both dogs and kids enjoy the encounter and feel safe, make sure it is positive.

treats in hand

Give your dog treats, and happy talk when kids approach and pet your dog. Teach your kids how to give treats to a dog with an open flat palm. Show your kids how to approach, pet, and interact positively and safely with dogs. It is also ve
ry important to give a dog space if it is showing signs of discomfort,fear, or nervousness.


Unfortunately, children make up the majority of bite cases in the US, and these most often occur when a familiar dog and child are left unattended. Sit down with your kids and go over the pictures so they too can learn how to interact positively with dogs and also understand canine signs of distress.


This knowledge is a great bite prevention tool and greatly improves the quality of dog and kid interactions.